A wonderful fall day in New York decided to venture to the other side, the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge that is. I heard that 5 Front restaurant had a decent burger, turns out there were right !! After schelpping over one of the grandeurs of architecture separating Manhattan from Brooklyn, I sat down in ample sized bamboo garden behind an historic house directly under the bridge, my waiter was a young dude with a great knowledge of the menu. Although his knowledge today would be unnecessary because I was here for a BURGER !!

After sometime coming it was worth the wait the patty was a big fat juicy piece of happiness that melted in my mouth the instant that it was shoved into it, the fries were crispy and well done, exactly how a fry should be …nothing much more to say.

Thumbs up 5 Front !!


Five Front on Urbanspoon

  1. Allison Walton says:

    Darren, you make food sound delectable… exactly how it should be! If you say it’s good, I’m there!!!

  2. Theresa111 says:

    Wow, this looks like the area where Jacques Torres’ candy shop is.

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