If any self respecting southerner tells you about burgers, you should listen ! My Thanksgiving travels have brought me to Burlington NC, otherwise known sarcastically by locals as Burl-Vegas, burger fans here flock to Skid’s daily for their traditional southern style burger, “mustard-chili-slaw” on a soft un-toasted sesame seed bun.
This family owned burger haven has been slinging the southern burger trilogy since 1949, with a variety of burgers to choose from I was advised by our experienced burger waitress of 30 years, Bonnie to give the Original Skid’s Special a try.

While sitting in tiny, but comfortable 50’s style booths I was granted a rare insider’s tour of this quaint little restaurant, I gazed impatiently as Lucy, the owner tended to my meaty delights, sizzling in ample grease on a flat style griddle that had looked like it had seen a few burgers in it’s time. I headed back to my booth and anxiously awaited the arrival of Lucy’s creation, and sipped happily on my old style Diet Coke with hand crushed ice.

Finally the burger appeared on my table, delivered with infinite personality and poise by Bonnie, without hesitation I gouged my mouth into this succulent creation and was immediately surprised by the texture and flavor of the burger, it was rather moist and exuded a powerful flavor of sweetness and savory due to the chili, and a freshness and crunchiness due to the coleslaw, although the burger after a while became soggy I enjoyed it as I inhaled it quicker than most of my previously rated burgers.

The Mustard-chili-slaw Original Skid’s burger was definitely worth a try and rates up there as a unique and joyous experience during my Thanksgiving holiday, the folks at Skid’s are a wonderful crew of southern food aficionados and I enjoyed patronizing their quaint little piece of burger history.

Thanks Skid’s !!!

Skid's Drive-In Number 1 Incorporated on Urbanspoon

  1. Mary James says:

    I WANT one NOW!!! Live in Greensboro and never heard of SKIDS…I know now….I see a road trip comin

  2. martin rudisill says:

    By all means come on down now and get Bonnie to serve you the double cheese basket that has always been the same for years

  3. Kristi Parker says:

    The only thing you missed was the sweet tea! It is the best in the state. Quite addictive. My family eats there once or twice a week! We love Lucy!!!

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