On one of the worst weather days, I fought the Christmas revelers on 5th Avenue to finish some last minute Christmas shopping before honoring my appointment with the Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen. Owners Jonathan and Andrew Schnipper, had come to culinary fame by starting the popular Hale and Hearty Soup chain before trying their expertise at the burgers, their result was Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen. Now someone told me once there are three things to keep in mind when opening a restaurant, location location location, and they found it. Located at the foot of one of the busiest newspapers headquarters, this stark and spacious surgically clean burger joint has been on my list for some time, finally I was here!

After speaking with Jonathan, I was advised to try the Hickory Bacon Blue Burger, quite a mouth full huh? I wandered around the restaurant and could see the excitement in people eyes as they gorged themselves on many other Schnipper’s favorites such as, fish tacos, Mac and cheese, sweet potato fries and Sloppy Joes. For me however it was going to be Jonathan’s recommendation of crispy onions, smoky hickory BBQ sauce, blue cheese and bacon.

My burger arrived at the friendly and capable hands of the manager Joe, I attacked the body of the burger with a barrage of violent chomps, behaving like it was last meal and getting worrisome and horrifying glances from the table next to me. The flavor burst from the charcoal of the meat and the smokiness of the BBQ sauce almost brought me to tears it was so good, I stopped and thought to myself ” this is how a burger should be”. The French fries were equally tantalizing with a crispy sharp flavor that always is the perfect burger best friend.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, my friends at Schnipper’s urged upon me another specialty of theirs, the Green Chile Cheeseburger. When I tasted this spicy morsel I was pleasantly aroused by the roasted pepper flavor of the poblano Chile and the creamy blend of cheese that covered the meat patty, a different flavor but one I will gladly repeat.

So for many mere burger mortals that would have been enough, but for me I felt I would be cheating myself terribly if I didn’t try just one more of the Schnipper’s meaty treats. I sheepishly took myself back to the cashier and asked for a regular cheeseburger with crispy onions, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and the mysteriously good Schnipper’s sauce. When asked what was in the contents of this fine condiment I was given a rightfully vague answer, after all you don’t want that secret getting out!

The cheeseburger went down with no problem at all, leaving behind in my taste buds a feeling of freshness and flavor that I feel won’t be rivaled for some time. In case you hadn’t guessed by reading this Schnipper’s was, well in a word AWESOME!! Just to re-cap the Hickory Blue Bacon Burger A+++, the Green Chile Cheeseburger A++, and the Cheeseburger with crispy onions and Schnipper’s Sauce…. PRICELESS!

I want to thank Jonathan and Andrew Schnipper, Manager Joe Richardson and all the friendly staff for making this a memorable burger moment.

I’ll definately will be back !







  1. Theresa111 says:

    I’ll live vicariously through your New York City restaurant visits and meals. I keep trying to get my husband to agree to move there. I lived there as a small child and always feel like it is home. Someday. (wistful sighs)

  2. Tequila23Sheila says:

    I went, and couldn’t agree more!! After 3 huge Perfect burgers, I noticed you had no room for their Great Shakes! Leave room next time, they’re well worth it! =D I wanna know whats the 4 cheeses in their Mac & Cheese! =9 Hopefully, next time I go I can past ordering another awesome burger and try their Sloppy Joe, esp. since that’s their Momma’s specialty! I have no desire to visit anymore restaurants in NYC, now that I’ve discovered Schnippers! =D

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