I was kind of hungry after work so I thought an impromptu burger tasting may be the ticket to a gloomy cold New York day. I stumbled upon this attractive little bar/bistro on 17th Street, it was full of glamorous looking types nestling in for a end of day beverage and bite to eat. I approached the staff and was immediately escorted through a bustling dining room to my table in the back, surrounded by a mix of tourists and locals I was certain that I liked the atmosphere of this urban hideaway pretty much immediately. A enthusiastic server from New Zealand suggested that I give the Rye House Burger a go ! I obliged and settled in for the short wait gazing around the room admiring all the happy and festive New Yorkers enjoying the holiday season. The owner Julio visited my table and offered a friendly greeting and begun to recollect the night he and his buddies came up with the idea for this charming American style bar, the decor consisted of large communal wooden tables and dark comfy leather booths, soft lighting and Pennsylvanian collectables. Whilst my burger arrived I was treated to some delicious mini-corn dogs that did not last long in front of me, served with a robust and spicy mustard these babies were rockin ! Before long my Rye House burger had arrived, delivered with a generous portion of crispy hand cut French fries my burger was fixed with fresh green lettuce, rose red tomatoes and irresistibly rich gruyere cheese. I took my first bite and was pleasantly excited by the roasted charcoal flavor mixing with the velutinous texture of the gruyere, however much to my disappointment the foundation of the burger, the bun was coarse and flaky. After a few bites the bun disintegrated in my hand and I was left with the meat patty itself, now I know things can happen in restaurants….like maybe there was no bun deliveries that day, so it wouldn’t sway me from returning to the Rye House. I was impressed with a very inventive menu with delectable items such as a Beef Wellington Sandwich , ( their signature I’m told) Crayfish Po’ Boy, Empanada’s, Sloppy Joe sliders and an extensive beer, whiskey and wine list.
All in all I think it was a real find and definitely worth a visit, just check on those buns guys !!


Rye House


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