On the eve of my birthday I ventured out with some very close friends whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, I was cringing at the bitter cold as I walked to meet them at a Bohemian style Tea House.
Located in the West Village this vegan organically friendly cubby-hole was not what I had in mind for lunch on this day. Fortunately I persuaded my friends to forego our soy mocha chai latte’s and organic vege. sandwich’s and settle in down the street at the rather busy restaurant Cafe Cluny. I walked in and introduced myself as the DMANBURGER and was pleasantly surprised that they could accommodate us on such short notice, the manager Jeff Orban was extremely helpful and friendly and directed his staff to seat us at a table in the center of the rear dining room. This room was decorated in an entomological motif, which I was immediately intrigued by. With framed butterflies and large insect sculptures surrounding the room I gazed over the menu and engaged in witty nostalgic conversation with some of most favorite people I know.

I asked our server Oscar his recommendation for the burger; he strongly suggested the Cafe Cluny burger with bacon and Gruyere cheese. I gladly obliged his suggestion and happily went back to catching up with friends confident that I had made the right choice. The special of the day was an artichoke soup with chopped nuts, which was delivered to our table at a friend’s request; of course I tasted the creamy creation and was warmed at the complex flavor and texture. Chef de cuisine Sydne Gooden had out done herself with the perfect soup for such a cold winter day; now it was my chance to try what I was really hear for.

The Cafe Cluny burger came out rather quick which I was happy about, open faced on the plate with a mass of herb seasoned French fries, crispy bacon, creamy Gruyere and a plump slightly toasted sesame seed bun. My first bite was Smokey and deep in flavor, I still remember it being a lasting flavor that was repeated with every savored bite.
I ordered my burger medium and it was exceptionally conceived with those exact requirements, the Cluny burger was a great, solid, full flavored example of how a bistro style burger should be. I don’t claim to be a burger expert, but The Cluny burger stimulated my taste buds beyond belief and for an unexpected visit that day, my stomach thought Christmas had come again.

It was not as a surprise to me that such a restaurant had two other successful counterparts The Odeon; Tribeca’s long time trend setters haunt, and Cafe Luxembourg; an upper West side iconic favorite. With a friendly management and staff I would definitely recommend paying a visit to this West Village gem, it’s simple menu and visually pleasing surroundings makes for the perfect spot to get out of the cold and enjoy a day with old friends.


Cafe Cluny


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