On my recent trip to Greenport, I stayed at the sophisticated and conveniently located Greenporter Hotel, which is owned by extremely friendly Deborah Pittorino and her husband Bill. In addition to this hotel is an amazing Restaurant situated steps away called La Cuvee Bistro and Wine Bar.

La Cuvee Bistro is the creation of talented chef/investment banker Deborah Pittorino, who found her culinary way after years of travel and cultural experience with her family as a young adult.

As my trip was drawing to a close, I had one more very important task to accomplish and that was to tackle the burger creation of La Cuvee. After dining there on exquisite meals such as Standing Rib Roast with glazed carrots and Yorkshire pudding and Roasted Duck with pureed turnips, I was pretty confident that her burger would be a sure fire hit. I was invited by Deborah by written invitation to sample her burger, which I delightfully accepted and attended on one of the La Cuvee restaurant many busy nights.

The burger was served up open faced and resting on a swarm of crispy shoestring fries. It was dressed with a sizable hunk of melted cheddar cheese; fresh lettuce and onion all neatly snug on top of a brioche bun. The taste was delightful and immediate as the juice of the meat dripped down my chin and I grinned with satisfaction after every chomp that I took of this beefy, but delicate pleasure. The French fries were very good, possibly some of the best I have had in a long time.

I sat at the modern, yet comfortable, bar and chatted with Deborah as I worked on her burger creation and occasionally gazed out the bayside windows behind me and watched the frigid cold surround the small seaside town.

I enjoyed my stay, my burger and most of all meeting the people that created and ran this small boutique style hotel, I can’t imagine a better place to hang my hat or satisfy my hunger than the Greenporter, Hotel and La Cuvee Bistro.


La Cuvee Wine Bar & French

  1. Salty Chef says:

    I love a good burger, some of the best locally are from Fatburger, Chili’s but I do like In and Out burgers. Thanks for stopping by The Chefs Cookbook.

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