On Grammy Awards Sunday I thought it was appropriate to catch the final day of the Brooklyn Museum’s Rock and Roll Photo Exhibit, featuring the worlds rock stars in various collections by famous shutterbugs. I meandered through Park Slope looking for a pre-museum snack, settling on Bonnie’s Grill a modest little home-style diner located on 5th Ave in Park Slope. With a long counter and a handful of tables, I propped myself at the bar and thumbed through the menu, which included such hits as Buffalo wings, Veggie Chili, and various homestyle dishes.

The Black Angus spiced rubbed burger had my name all over it. I watched in amazement as the cook served up dishes for the entire restaurant single handedly grilling burgers, frying wings and sautéing crab cakes but with relative ease. As classic tunes of Led Zeppelin, Creedence Clearwater and Rod Stewart blasted out of the speakers, I glanced around and notice rockabilly college types, downing microbrews and devouring wings while watching ESPN on a flat screen over the busy open kitchen. My server offered limited information about the history of Bonnie’s opting for the 5th amendment approach to answer my question, however ,I did manage to squeeze out of him that they had been slinging out spicy burgers and other tasty treats for over 10 years.

My Spicy Black Angus burger was presented in front of me, along with a very tasty looking Veggie burger (pictured above)… yes Veggie burger!.www.onlineclasses.net can teach
you how to make these heart healthy entrees and others like them.I figured I’d try one for all you non-carnivores out there. My less than healthy ,but more deliciously divine burger ,was served on a plump fresh whole wheat bun, dill pickles, sautéed jalapeños and tangy chipotle mayonnaise. The patty was a Black Angus Sirloin dusted in a mysterious spice rub that gave it a serious kick; the overall taste was flavorful, powerful and insanely juicy in texture. I ravaged the burger bite after bite only pausing to taste the fantastic crisp French Fries that accompanied this delighted sandwich. The Veggie burger was great too, not a traditional favorite of mine, but surprised me with its robust flavor yet easy light texture. It was coupled with crunchy spicy coleslaw and topped with a gooey Swiss cheese and a lightly toasted poppy seed bun.

This up-scale rockabilly inspired and decorated diner is definitely worth the visit and with the $10.95 price tag for the Black Angus burger and $8.95 for the Veggie burger was in the right neighborhood in the money department. Despite the less than warm staff, I enjoyed sitting at the bar surrounded by rock n roll pictures and classic melodies that made for a pleasant and scrumptious afternoon. In fewer and more appropriate words, it rocked!!

Bonnie's Grill

  1. Sarah says:

    Those both look yummy! I love some of NY’s veggie burgers almost as much as I love the meaty ones. My favorite brooklyn burger so far is Dumont, but I’ll have to give this place a shot.

  2. TMS KNS says:

    DMANBURGER you have done us in. Just looking at these three dishes has filled us up. How do you manage to eat one serving with all the calories. It appears Bonnie’s Grill is the real rock n roll diner from the fifties. Are you sure it’s not an Irish pub?

  3. dhaleb says:

    You’re seriously the biggest hamburger fanatic. Ever consider changing your site to The Hamburglar?

    I can’t keep up with all your burger reviews!

  4. Awesome says:

    Man, you’re a tool.

    How many times will you use the term rockabilly?


  5. NoLandGrab says:

    Bonnie’s Grill is the best — been eating their burgers for at least nine of their ten years.

    Never disappoints — and the staff is definitely friendly, once you get to know them.

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