On 59th and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan you’ll find Bloomingdale’s, the iconic department store famous for such historic events as the invention of the hoop skirt, the modern shopping bag and one of the stops on the Queen of England’s 1976 New York shopping spree. Flip burger shares the menswear floor with such labels as Helmut Lang, Viktor Rolf and Hugo Boss. It caters to high-end Euro-shoppers and opulent Upper East Side families hoping to keep their ankle biters at bay, while they take a break from browsing the latest fashions. The decor is sparse and light with minimalistic fittings, subtle backlighting, that tightly seats about 70 hungry shoppers. The menu offers signatures burgers, salads and also a create your own burger section where one can mix and match their burger fixings choosing from several burger building materials, such as a unique variety of buns, side sauces and other accoutrements.

My server Jodie was a smart and knowledgeable, flitting about the room offering stumped and indecisive customers; such as me, help in selecting the greatest burger combination. She suggested the wasabi and ginger brioche bun with my choice of the hearty /short rib blend, coupled with the rich smoky homemade BBQ sauce and velvety blue cheese. As an extra treat I sampled another burger with the sweet/brisket blend, sweet pickle relish and rich gooey Jack cheese .Unfortunately my choice of BBQ sauce was quite overpowering to a delicate and beautiful La Frieda blend of patty, the meat flavor was superior and was melt in the mouth good with every bite. The soft yet toastiness of the bun was the last foundation to an exquisite burger creation. The sweet/brisket blend was refreshing, bursting out with flavor by the “tangy sweet pickle relish” that was so good that it would make a Southern Grandma jealous. The Jack cheese was divine and was perfectly slathered on the patty and paired with a plain perfectly toasted brioche bun. The French fries were shoestring thin and crispy, served with a plentiful measure in a cone of paper, but they were mundane to taste, lacking in flavor and seasoning. Unfortunately Flip burger is not cheap, with French fries at $5.00; create your own burgers staring at $12 and signature burgers from $16 to $23 for the Wagyu Benedict burger.

Flip burger was an adequate in-department store eatery and worth a visit while, after meandering around Bloomingdale’s on a busy Saturday shopping, I would recommend that you keep it simple, and try not to get too adventurous with the multi-condiment menu, the beef blend is well worth trying with minimal condiments. If you are not sure ask your server I found them quite helpful and knowledgeable with the exact flavor match that will comfort your carnivorous palette. Flip is solely owned by the Bloomingdale’s Corporation and is the guinea pig restaurant for them, to judge whether they will appear in other stores. Honestly if I wasn’t shopping at Bloomingdale’s I probably wouldn’t eat there again, not because it wasn’t good, but because I find eating in a department store kind of depressing, it brings me back to my childhood waiting around for hours at some basement department store eatery while my mother shops the unmentionables counter and my father screams frustrated about where my mother is and………..well, you get the picture!


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  2. Paloma says:

    I want a cheeseburger! so bad!


  3. Bev Krebs says:

    Sounds like a great place to me!! What’s this about waiting around a department store while my Mother shopped!!!Comment made by Dman’s Mum

  4. Luxeat says:

    “I find eating in a department store kind of depressing” So true 😉 Great review, Dman

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  7. 碧玉陈 says:

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