Mario Coppola and Chef Giuseppe Castellano of Gran Gusto [Cambridge Massachusetts] open Tiella on July 12th .Tiella’s railroad shaped space -so far, features rustic brick walls, dark wood modern decor and sleek drop  down lighting. In the kitchen is the smallest New York State approved brick oven, which will be firing up various baked Tiella dishes at a toasty 800 degrees.Get your baking and pastry
certification with mfa degree.
.The concept of Tiella was born after a raucous night at Brooklyn’s Rosewater restaurant, where Napoli natives and long time amici’s, Coppola and Castellano, were enjoying dinner-when one, jokingly said to the other -“why don’t you stick it in your Tiella!” Right at that moment the pair decided to devote an entire restaurant to a unique cast iron Neapolitan style pan by the same name.  
The “Tiella” pan was traditionally used by the poor of Naples, to fry, bake, grill and deep fry a dish, which was named after the pan itself. A selection of Tiellas will be featured- more likely as appetizers. “Giuseppe has about 10 Tiellas, we don’t know yet which ones we will use on the menu.” remarks Coppola. Some possible choices for Tiellas that appear are the “Fruilano”-with Tallegio and Speck; the “Proscuitto”-with Foie gras and Prosciutto and the “Pescatore”-with Mussels, clams and Mozzarella.
Tiella will also focus on many pastas, most of them homemade, such as a Spaghetti alla Chitarra with Clams and Zucchini and a Fettuccine Intergrale [Whole Wheat] with calamarelli and morel mushrooms. Again, with uncertainty of which dishes Castellano will choose to feature, Coppola says, “Poi per Secondi” -then switching back to English-“For main course, we could have something like a Branzino di Ceci [chick-pea cream sauce] or an Agnello [Rack of Lamb] marinated with fresh herbs and roasted in the “Tiella”pan with sautéed spinach.”      
Tiella will be open July 12th for Lunch from 12pm-3pm and Dinner from 5pm-11pm 6 days a week, they will also feature a selection of lesser known Italian wine varietals, such as Negra Amaro, Primitivo and Magliaco.       


1109 1st Avenue
NY, NY 10065
x 61st
Fx: 212.588.0102

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