I remember the rise and fall of night club Moomba packed to the brim every night with hipsters and celebs that viciously had staff panning to their every need, wannabe’s constantly vying with doormen to get into this multi level hang out, no doubt where Leo DiCaprio toasted his millions earned from his movie Titanic-probably with several stiff potable Cosmo’s. These days past Moomba owner Chris Russell is tackling calmer and definitely greener ventures. His burger empire started with BRGR in Chelsea in 2006, now his second location has just opened doors away from another Upper East Side burger haunt, Flip Burger located in Bloomingdales. Russell’s vision of grass-fed beef burgers is housed in a stark modular shop, designed by famed architect Laszlo Kiss. Skittle-like colors and shapes are spotted like cushions along wall-side banquettes and white chairs, drop down red cotton spool shaped lamps, imitation grass foliage linoleum covers the floor and a cedar planked finish plasters the feature walls and side benches. Around the foyer are splashed colorful posters depicting BRGR’S “Why we serve grass beef” creed.
The counter service displays a paddock full of 100% Brandt grass-fed beef burgers with colorful names like “The Fresh Morning Burger” [with Thousand Island dressing and a fried egg $8.00] “The Down on the Farm” [with bacon and horseradish $8.70] and “The Blue Sky Burger” [with Roquefort, bacon and sweet onion marmalade $10.00]. If you don’t like BRGR’S combo’s you can mix and match your own, burgers are also available a la carte, with an array of tasty toppings that are featured with the labeled kinds-turkey and veggie burgers are available also. For the milkshake connoisseurs, BRGR features some milky delights such as Blueberry-Pomegranate, Black+White Strawberry and Vanilla. BRGR’S Fried accoutrements include Russet potato fries, Sweet potato fries and the Onion Hay which is like ribbons of fried onion matted together like one fried hay bail.

The counter staff took my order of a Blue Sky Burger, a Rainforest Burger [Gruyere, Avocado and Herb Mayo] and Russet Fries. Orders are sorted and delivered to your table which you mark with a number given by the counter staff, within minutes my burgers arrived bundle in brown paper and swarmed with French fries. The Blue Sky burger was sloppy and dripping in grease while purging with globules of creamy Roquefort, the taste was a rich oniony flavor both predictable and expected with these ingredients- the 100% grass-fed beef was overpowered by the Roquefort and the bun dissipated when handled. In contrast the Rainforest Burger, with dollops of herb mayo, bright green avocado and nutty yellow Gruyere oozing over the patty was a much better choice. French fries were coarsely cut but lack zing and crispiness. My first time BRGR experience was satisfactory, if I had to choose between them and Flip Burger-The Bloomingdales burger spot would get the edge.

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  1. THE REV says:

    love the folks at BRGR
    When I was hospitalized last year, they offered to send burgers to my hospital room!

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