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Newly opened Blackburn Burger Bistro is situated in busy Hell’s Kitchen- open bay windows with faux-plant hedges will lead you into a decor like you were stepping into a Holiday Inn Express banquet room-red and beige walls, oversized floral patterned banquettes and a gaudy stain glass chandelier. The dining room is small with minimal wait staff with minimal knowledge of the product they are serving. The menu is moderately inventive featuring starters like grilled corn on the cob, and a Crab and Shrimp melt and various soups and salads. Happy couples, mostly tourists, sipping beer in tall warm glasses and wrestling with chewy Tandorri chicken with cous cous and leaves of lettuce. The grilled shrimp salad with bacon, avocado and citrus dressing, was simple and fresh. 




The burger headliner is the Blackburn signature -a classic beef pork blend with sautéed onions, a dollop of pimento mayo and a puffy lightly toasted bun. The Blackburn signature was charred black on an open flame grill, criss crossed crunchy edges and a medium well-cooked center. I was never asked how I would like it cooked and really never thought at the time to tell them. The patty was a little dry, but still with the crunchy pieces of charred burger, gave ample flavor and texture. Rich smokey sautéed onions were piled high on top and the pimento mayo added a nice smooth peppery flavor. The bun was surprisingly light and fluffy. The Vietnamese burger consisted of lean ground pork served with ham, cheese, daikon, carrot, cilantro and zesty chili garlic sauce served on the same puffy roll. The Vietnamese burger was the better of the two, a garden fresh porky flavor, with a crunch of the vegetables and the zing of the Asian chili sauce complementing it nicely. French Fries were partly skin left and sadly soggy, they also have a slider, a chicken burger with basil mayonnaise, and seafood burger with guacamole on a baguette. Blackburn’s staff were friendly if untrained and unsure, this hopefully for their sake will improve.


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  2. bob says:

    i live in HK and recently stopped in for dinner and a drink. the place was hopping. i didn’t wait for a table, but i did have to wait for my food. there were 2 waiters on the floor. one didn’t speak english. when i asked him for a beer, i had no idea what he was saying. when i asked him to repeat himself, he went and got the other waiter, Wade, who was efficient, informed, experienced and apparantly the boss. contrary to the comment of the person who posted this, the bistro does not yet have a license to sell alcohol, so you will not yet find anyone sipping warm beer.

    not sure what the faux hedges are that the other guy referred to, indeed, the bay windows look out over the large, cumbersome planters that were left behind by the last occupants of the space….the only thing you look at from the window seats are nearly dead flowers…maybe faux hedges wouldn’t be a bad suggestion!

    the food was terrific, the price was lower than anywhere in the neighborhood and the service wound up being top-notch. all-in-all, best fries in the area. the wait-staff worked very well together and were very entertaining, interacting with everyone in the place, and despite being busy and trying to get fully up to speed with the new place (and staying on top of the kitchen), i witnessed both waiters taking more than the usual amount of time to offer help and/or suggestions for visiting tourists looking for addresses and things to do.

    not quite 5 stars, but maybe if the kitchen pulls it together and they let someone else fix the decor, it could be….

  3. HK and Into the Fire says:

    I was here for dinner last night and witnessed a busboy through a tantrum and storm out of the restaurant. I’m not sure if he was fired or if he was just angry, but he obviously wasn’t working, or I my date wouldn’t have needed to ask for more ice-tea multiple times.

    The decor doesn’t merit a mention because it’s so plain and boring. I can’t remember what the old occupant had in terms of interior design, but I think the majority of the space is the same, except for a fresh coat of paint and maybe a new chandalier.

    The food was actually quite good. We had the largest chicken wings I’ve ever seen, which the waiter thoughtfully recommended having cut by the kitchen so the table could more easily share them. Would I recommend the wings? AN HOW!

    We also had the carrot soup. I think the menu lists it as ‘Zesty carrot’. I’ll grant it carrot status, but honestly, nothing zesty about it. just clean, boring, carrot soup.

    Additionally we had a bowl of artichoke dip for the table. The dip was great. It came with some sort of corn chips. We had to request three refills before the dip was finished. My suggestion would be that they either make the portion of dip a bit smaller or they include a full basket of chips. Even better, how about serving it was some pita bread wedges? It was hard to eat with the corn chips.

    For entrees, we had the lamb kofta gyro (two of the four at our table), we both loved it. In fact, we both had to fend off our dining partners who kept wanting to taste more.

    Our friends had the Signature Classic, which was properly cooked, and the chicken burger, both of which were devoured faster than the appetizers.

    Two waiters were on the floor, and we recognized one of them from Fire Island Pines and David Barton Gym, the other one must be new to the area. We enjoyed the food. We got tons of personal attention from our “friend” the server, and we enjoyed the floorshow put on by the bent-out-of-shape-bus-boy.

    The place could become a real gem in terms of food and value, a tweek of the menu and a firing and re-hiring of a person or two might make all the difference for the customers. Honestly, we’re going to go back just to see who doesn’t get fired!

  4. WestchesterCountyCommute says:

    On my walk back to Grand Central Station from Lincoln Center last night, I came accross this place and decided to grab something to eat for the train ride home. The place was empty, 9:45pm’ish.

    I ordered the lamp gyro and was told it would be several minutes. I was offered a seat and something to drink. While I was waiting, another person came in for something to go. He was also offered a seat and a drink. While we waited, we had a lovely conversation with the wait-staff. In fact, one of the waiters offered me a personal glimpse into my own life via his personal experiences, and after I had a chance to think through his words, I realized how much his comments resonated with me.

    Sometimes, the most extraordinary moments are with strangers. Thanks to the men at the BBB for taking time to offer me wisdom while I waited for my food. I’ll be back with friends for a sit down as long as the service remains that personal! The food was almost an afterthought compared to the personalities and the compassion offered up here, but no doubt, the lamb was fresh ground, just as I’d been told when I asked about it, and I enjoyed it immensely. My only regret was that I didn’t get a dessert to take home, despite being informed that everything was freshly made on the premises. Now I know for next time.

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