I recently had the pleasure of a mid-day lunch with a friend. You are probably  thinking Soho or West Village??  No -Midtown! The home of the lunch packed deli with overpriced chopped salads. Where the infamous tourist hotel restaurants with  zombie-like waiters push a $24 eggs Benedict and free mimosa’s watered down with cheap champagne-but wait …. things a looking up- we now have Lexington Brass! The outpost of Abe and Arthurs fame. A sprawling campus of luxury, beautiful people and educated  servers that know the food which is  damn good !
According to the NY Magazine, “Lexington Brass will not blow your mind” , but I beg to differ! We started with a generous portion of crab stuffed fried oysters-, crispy, plump, and  delicious. We then added  the Lobster Mac and cheese which was  a creamy symphony of cheese and elbows, chunks of lobster studded through a mound of goodness and  topped with a crispy crust- good enough for Kid Rock, good enough for me!
As you gaze around the plush bistro , you see a setting of  tan leather banquettes with  glass, modern fittings A great setting to  gorge on  delightful Tuna tacos with guacamole and chili aioli as well as hearty French Onion soup with a sherry broth and a perfectly executed Caesar salad.  I could have pushed away from the table and called it a day-but wait- I  cannot forgot the real reason that I came here … the burger!!  Had I saved enough room to sink my teeth into this  meaty monolith of goodness?? Of course I had ! Sure enough, the burger arrived with a golden brown basket of parmesan truffle fries and  I was happy. The burger was served on a gigantic brioche bun  with a patty blanketed in melting cheese and topped with crispy fried onions, Bibb lettuce and tomato. The burger was pretty much, dare I say, Awesome! Excellent ingredients and obviously cooked by a grill cook that  has  cooked a few ,no doubt! Lexington Brass does good food right- It is well worth a try !
Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu


Lexington Brass

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