I am an Australian with a passion for food, travel and all things happy and easy, my interests in “Burgers” are genuine and descriptive, which enables me to continue my quest for the best burger. I trained as chef in New York City at the prestigious French Culinary Institute, and worked at many restaurants in New York such as Geisha, Beppe and Maremma.

  1. Max says:

    I just found your blog through your post on AHT, and I’m very impressed. I think it is laid out attractively and you are a fine writer. The only thing that I thought your articles were lacking was information on doneness/temperature of the patties and a photo showing the burgers cut in half. I’m not saying that you need to imitate AHT, but I think most burger connoiseurs would be most interested in such information. In any case, I am adding your blog to my bookmark and will look forward to even better articles in the future. Take care.

  2. Dman,

    I love the blog; I am a fan of the spirit. I gotta admit, I am jealous of the opportunities you have in a city like Manhattan. Keep up the good-work, and thanks for checking us out!

    The Eugene Burger Blog

  3. Theresa111 says:

    I do not need your testament of temperatures and doneness. Since you attended the prestigious FCI I shall immediately trust your knowledge of the food presented. I visited there eight years ago, but later chose to stay close to home and I attended LAC in Washington, DC metro area.

    It is a pleasure to meet a food lover who tells a good story.

    “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!”
    & Half Hour Meals

  4. Tim Kane says:

    I’m new to NYC and have brought my own love of burgers w/me from down south. I think your blog is not only well written but informative. Keep up the “good search”, and I look forward to your future articles.

  5. missbonbon says:

    for all of us distracted by the random comment of the ‘doneness’ factor, wouldn’t you want to have that option? or should i say, ‘those’ options? and who cares about the temperature, obviously if it wasn’t warm enough no one would talk about it, right? i like the stories, and i don’t even eat burgers. i’d be curious about the veggie burgers though… as a non-meat eating non-vegetarian, i wouldn’t mind finding fabulous veggie burgers, not the meat-substituting burgers, but veggie burgers. i can’t tell you how many dry or uncooked veggie burgers there are out there. maybe it can be the ‘green’ variaton on d burger man. 🙂 cheers

    • dmanburger says:

      Brigitte I agree with you on the doneness obviously I would mention that!!! 😉 , even though I am a meat-man I also am open to new things, I am sure there is an oasis of vegetarian burger creations out there, that aren’t your typical dried cardboard tasting slabs of faux-meat…. maybe you can help me with that Brigitte Xx

    • dmanburger says:

      check out the cultivated garden burger at BRGR, I didn’t try it but spoke to a few people who loved it !

  6. msbutterton says:

    Ahhhh – a blog after my own heart! My favorite burger unfortunately is longer around – The original Sunset Grill on Sunset, next to Guitar Center. Around the time of the Don Henley song, it was run by Joe and Eva and they made the best burger – a double-chili and cheese, no pickle, no onion. (made with a thick slice of Velveeta cheese, btw) When I was younger, I could eat TWO and never gain an ounce!

    I’ll be catching up on your posts to learn your favorites – Some delicious photos…I’m starving!


  7. Kat says:

    I’m happy to find someone else who has a quest to find the perfect burger! haha. Good luck!

  8. Hi Dan:

    I published our burger recipe yesterday and thought about your visit. I want to provide a link to your site if that’s ok! http://www.seasonedfork.com
    All my best. Deborah

  9. Emma Hunt says:

    Your discription of hamburgers as you right about, the various places you have found them at, remindes me so much of the place I met my husband at, and he was raised in. Lee grew up in this quaint little grocery store. It was a small little grocery store with a hamburger stand, lunch counter, dairy manufacturing plant attached. The pasturised milk, made ice cream, and other dairy products on the site. Over 50 years ago I met this wonderful young man in that very same business and never looked back. What a life it has been.

  10. Selina says:

    I can not help you with the best burger in NYC, but you might be interested in checking out the Big Bad Burger Contest. Come vote on your favorite burger. http://www.bigbadburger.blogspot.com

  11. Mariano says:

    Hey! Great Blog. I’ve been doing the same for a while, and I find your recommendations amazing. Have you visited Donovan’s at Woodside? I strongly recommend it to you.

  12. John R says:

    Come visit Joy Burger Bar on Lexington in E. Harlem. It’s a cool spot run by cool guys… I’ll buy the burgers to get the word out.. I’d to see more spots like this in my neighborhood…

  13. PHUDE-nyc says:

    Great sight! Just wanted to let you know I’ve added you to my blog roll! You have just become my semi-official burger reference/cheat sheet.

    And I agree with John R., You really have to try Joy Burger, which, for now, happens to be my favorite burger in the city!


    (I think I’m trying Burger Joint at Le Meridien this afternoon!)


  14. Isaiah Janes says:

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