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When I walked into this surf-esque, tin-shed walled restaurant two words immediately came to mind, Costa Rica and Taco! Well..that’s three but you get the idea. Co-owner Tracey Gardell shares this great little Montauk outpost,with her surfer sons and family. After the horrors of 9/11 Tracey and her clan shipped out from Downtown Manhattan to Montauk, a decision they’ve never regretted. 668 The Gigshack is a global surf cuisine hotspot blasting the vibes of the endless summer lifestyle through kitsch bohemian like decor, rad surfing videos, Pollack inspired art, and plenty of young smiles. The kitchen is spearheaded by Tracey’s 20-year-old son Gray Gardell, the talented creator such items as; “Montacos”- crispy fish tacos with Mango Salsa and creamy slaw; “Lamburginis” spiced lamb sliders with aioli and “The Shack Burger” a Bison goliath with creamy white cheddar.

I mentioned Costa Rica, because in my opinion the best fish taco’s I have ever had were at Bubba’s in Jaco Beach,Costa Rica. 668 The Gigshack’s vibe transformed me back to that happy memory. The simplicity and explosive flavor of  a Bubba’s crispy fish, mango and fresh lime taco, a welcome delight after I busted my ass trying to surf like Kelly Slater. Ok…enough about tacos for now, this is a burger blog, and I was here to sample this Bison beast that these gnarlatious dudes were selling. An unexpected treat of Crab Cakes with fresh lime and creamy aioli came to the table, I snarfed these tasty babies up before they had a chance to cool, greedily waiting to see if I was to be blessed with more food. It wasn’t long before Gray broke out the “Montacos” topped with bright yellow sweet mangos and creamy red slaw. I had high expectations but happily the ” Montacos” didn’t disappoint, the taste can only be described as “Primo”. This place was the type of restaurant that I could have sat all day sipping Dead Guy Ales and eating my face off ! There was so many scrumptious goods on the menu that it was system overload for my taste buds. In addition Tracey is also killer cake-maker, her signature Red-Velvet Cake was world-class, but for the moment my sights were set on Bison. I waited chatting with Tracey, who looks more like a hot rocker chic, than an accomplished restaurateur and pastry chef, she started this restaurant with her kids and the locals in mind, she says “a place they can find themselves”.
 Tracey says, “the burger is not our specialty”, but the Bison was calling me so I stuck my ground and gave her the stern, “I want my burger face”. The burger arrived fat and juicy, I gave a nod to The Big Kahuna and  I tore into it like a grommet on a wave. The flavor was decent for a bison, the creamy cheese ran down my face as I aggressively devoured it -always a happy feeling. Bison for me in the past has been dry, but “The Shack Burger” kept moist throughout-good job Gray! Additional favorites on the menu are: New England Clam Chowder;BBQ pork Empanadas with Chipotle sauce;Lobster Sliders;Soft Shell Crab BLT; and Choripan, which is a grilled Argentine Sausage on a Baguette with a Provolone and Chimichurri Sauce. The long ride on the Jitney awaited, but thank-fully I had some of Tracey’s delicious Red-Velvet Cake to soften the woes that I felt leaving such a great place.

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