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There is something refreshing and spontaneous about going to a restaurant last minute ordering a burger and just deciding to write about it, and today that’s just what I did. I work around the Flatiron district; yes I have a real job! can’t quite make a living scribbling about carnivorous fodder just yet, however I would like to think I am reaching the burger loving audience with my smart and witty banter journaling New York’s best burger hang-outs ? I deliberated over my Friday out of the office lunch with a friend and settled on Bar Breton, this casual off-shoot of Michelin star winner Cyril Renaud. His native Brittany, French inspired menu featured many of his local favorites such as Croque Monsieur, French Beans and Phyllo crusted shrimp and gluten- free buckwheat galettes.

I waited for my friend in the rather tight fitting booths alongside the North wall, as a gazed at the bar watching the lunch time punters sipping on their Pinot Grigio and Pimms, I tried to decide whether to have Swiss, Blue or Cheddar cheese with my burger. As this was the most difficult decision of my day I got some expert tutorledge from the waitress whom suggested I go with the Blue Cheese because of its high quality and texture. I obliged her advice and settled in to my crammed cubicle and waited for my impending order. After a short while my burger arrived neatly stacked on a tray with a side of tangy ketchup and a waxed paper lined tumbler  filled to the brim with crispy well done rosemary French fries. The BB burger, as it’s called was perfectly symmetrical and towered above the plate with an awe of beauty and grace; I wrapped my jaws around its bun and was taken aback by the strong, yet smooth flavor of the blue cheese. The bun however was a touch soft and doughy, not toasty and crisp like it could have been; the burger however was full of flavor and was inhaled by my never satisfying appetite rather quickly.

The meat itself which is ground daily using select cuts Prime, Short Rib and Brisket is what makes this haute-burger creation one of the most sought after on burger aficionados lists, weighing in at between 9-10 ounces it was a tall order, so make sure your hungry! All in all the burger was good well worth a sampling, but could have done with a little more seasoning in the meat and definitely a little more toasting on the bun.

Bar Breton