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Newly opened Blackburn Burger Bistro is situated in busy Hell’s Kitchen- open bay windows with faux-plant hedges will lead you into a decor like you were stepping into a Holiday Inn Express banquet room-red and beige walls, oversized floral patterned banquettes and a gaudy stain glass chandelier. The dining room is small with minimal wait staff with minimal knowledge of the product they are serving. The menu is moderately inventive featuring starters like grilled corn on the cob, and a Crab and Shrimp melt and various soups and salads. Happy couples, mostly tourists, sipping beer in tall warm glasses and wrestling with chewy Tandorri chicken with cous cous and leaves of lettuce. The grilled shrimp salad with bacon, avocado and citrus dressing, was simple and fresh. 




The burger headliner is the Blackburn signature -a classic beef pork blend with sautéed onions, a dollop of pimento mayo and a puffy lightly toasted bun. The Blackburn signature was charred black on an open flame grill, criss crossed crunchy edges and a medium well-cooked center. I was never asked how I would like it cooked and really never thought at the time to tell them. The patty was a little dry, but still with the crunchy pieces of charred burger, gave ample flavor and texture. Rich smokey sautéed onions were piled high on top and the pimento mayo added a nice smooth peppery flavor. The bun was surprisingly light and fluffy. The Vietnamese burger consisted of lean ground pork served with ham, cheese, daikon, carrot, cilantro and zesty chili garlic sauce served on the same puffy roll. The Vietnamese burger was the better of the two, a garden fresh porky flavor, with a crunch of the vegetables and the zing of the Asian chili sauce complementing it nicely. French Fries were partly skin left and sadly soggy, they also have a slider, a chicken burger with basil mayonnaise, and seafood burger with guacamole on a baguette. Blackburn’s staff were friendly if untrained and unsure, this hopefully for their sake will improve.


After feeling some mild post Thanksgiving depression, among other things I decided to participate in the quintessential New York pastime enjoyed between urban players, brunch. For this outing I chose to visit a rowdy, yet stylish New York landmark, 5 Napkin burger. Located in the theater district this restaurant has been slinging bistro style burgers to a pre-theater crowd for about a year and a half.

Decorated in contemporary modern decor, I awaited the usual restaurant server routine in a lavish booth, overlooking a view of busy Ninth Avenue. I was pleasantly surprised with a friendly greeting from the restaurant manager Caesar; he welcomed me and urged me to enjoy my burger!!

I ordered the Original 5 Napkin Burger one of numerous burgers on the menu, when the plate came I was enamored with a mountainous soft white bun before me in which the patty itself was beautifully hidden with a cascading flow of velvety comte cheese, caramelized grilled onions, and a robust rosemary garlic aioli. My first bite was heavenly, powered by the caramel flavor of the onions, then the freshness of the aioli, then lastly the woodsy charcoal taste of the patty it-self. There is a reason this place is called 5 Napkin burger, my hands were covered in juices as I devoured this creation into oblivion.

As an extra accompaniment I recommend the garlic Parmesan dusted French fries that go perfectly with this display of culinary expertise. The only negative aspect of this whole experience is that at some point it had to end. As I gazed into my barren plate, I felt satisfied, happy and content.

The Original 5 Napkin burger rates an A++ a great restaurant with friendly, prompt service a definitely must see on your brunch list.

Five Napkin Burger