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Past penned Frederick Lesort opened AvroKO designed, Plein Sud recently at The Smyth Hotel in Tribeca. The Southern French fare restaurant and Bar a Vin, wreaks of taste and potential.  The atmosphere is lavished with elegant, yet simple bars perches overlooking the street and comfy chic style banquettes span the dining room. Chef Ed Cotton’s menu headlines an array of Gallic Classics like; Coq au vin, Croque Monsieur, Charcuterie,Boeuf  Bourguignon and Pâté et Terrines. Of course there’s a burger as well, and big surprise it’s a Pat La Frieda!  Le Burger Royale au Fromage, or Royale with cheese, is an 8 oz. Black Angus soft centre oozing of creamy white cheddar and propped on a shiny toasted brioche bun. Oh! And the piste de résistance is a slather of decadent black truffle aioli.

I comfortably sank into my banquette, watching all the Mothers on Mother’s Day soak up the love of their families through food and conversation. Missing my own mother, I looked for more immediate solution to my emotional dilemma-a big fat Le Burger Royale!  It arrived to my table looking gorgeous, towering over a small side salad, and unfortunately slithered rather than slathered with the black gold-like substance. I mean I couldn’t even smell it! What did I annoy the waiter or something? I was painfully disappointed at the lack of Black Truffle aioli on my burger. Despite the lack of truffles, the flavor was adequate, juicy and homey; my mouth salivated with every bite yearning for another and another. Upon reaching the epicenter of the patty there was an eruption of cheese that burst and oozed onto my palette. The crispness of the bun and the buttery saltiness of the Pat La Frieda blend was decent and worth it. At $15.00, a typical price these days for an haute-burger, the Le Burger Royale comes with crispy thin French fries or a side salad.  Tell them to be generous with the truffle aioli which the manager pointed out later, “They will gladly do.”

Plein Sud is connected to the Thompson Hotel Group’s newest venture the Smyth Hotel, they have delicious coffee and many other bistro-esque delectables. The kitchen is open at 6am for breakfast, on the weekend brunch menu you’ll find ” trois” le ouefs Benedict variations, and a trio of breakfast flatbreads…..”Life is like a box of chocolates” but with this one, you know what you’re gonna get!

Plein Sud’s Dinner Menu 
Plein Sud’s Brunch Menu

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